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Allstar Products Group Scott Boilen Named One of DRTV’s Industry Leaders to Watch

HAWTHORNE, N.Y., Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — When you think of direct-response marketing power players, only a few people come to mind. As Seen on TV industry veteran and Allstar Products Group President and CEO, Scott Boilen, is at the top of list.  The man behind Snuggie, Boilen is featured in the “20 People to Watch in 2016” from HomeWorld Business Magazine.

Boilen founded Allstar Products in 1999 as a direct mail marketer and later repositioned the company to become a leading As Seen on TV marketer and distributor.  Under Boilen’s leadership Allstar has put more than 100 products on retail shelves in two decades.

Since inception, Boilen has lead Allstar through many successful As Seen on TV rollouts including the famous Snuggie ®. The blanket with sleeves has sold more than 33 million units since becoming a viral sensation in 2009, and it was this popularity that helped cement Allstar to national DRTV prominence.

“The Snuggie was one of the first products that really went viral thanks to the rise of social media. This social buzz set a new standard for our business. Just as our products evolve with audience demands, so does the way we market our inventions. A strong social media presence is now an integral part of our marketing platform,” says Boilen.

HomeWorld Business Editors listed Boilen one of the power players to watch because success in the housewares business is about finding the right formula to stay successful not just once, but time and time again. Allstar’s smart social, TV, and digital promotions along with the distribution of the right product has led to long-term, multi-SKU retail brands such as the Perfect cookware line which included thePerfect Bacon™ Bowl, or Hot Beauty accessories with Hot Buns® and Hot Designs®.

Hoping to continue this success into 2016 Allstar is currently rolling out nine new TV-supported retail items nationwide.  This is the most holiday rollout items in the company’s history.

The HomeWorld Players list is a representation from a cross section of a diverse housewares business — from established to newly installed company leaders.

The group is diverse, not just in the scope of their businesses and responsibilities, but also in their individual experiences and contributions to the industry. All, however, have played a role in shaping the housewares industry.

A list of all the 2016 HomeWorld Players can be found here:http://www.homeworldbusiness.com/Retail/The-Players-People-To-Watch-In-2016/28301

About Allstar Products GroupAllstar Products Group is a leading direct response and consumer products company making quality products available to U.S. and international consumers through direct response television as well as internet, direct mail and retail channels.  Allstar Products has a diverse product portfolio including popular consumer brands such as Snuggie® Magic Mesh®, Hot Designs®, Secret Extensions® and Wobble Wag Giggle®.

For more information on Allstar Products Group visit:www.allstarproductsgroup.com
For more information on Scott Boilen visit: http://www.scottboilen.com/

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Scott Boilen Discusses Life on the Road

Today’s American families are spending more and more time in their automobiles. Minivans and SUVs across the nation are being converted into kitchens, family rooms, homework stations, and home offices in response to this increasing trend of living life on the road.

scott-boilen-catch-caddyIn a recent Wall Street Journal article, “The Family Muscle Car Is Tricked Out Like a Living Room,” Allstar Products Group CEO, Scott Boilen, discusses this life-on-the-road trend and the products he sees as helping today’s American families as they drive.

Since September, Allstar Products Group – under the helm of Scott Boilen – has sold one million units of the “Catch Caddy.” The Catch Caddy is a small plastic tub that squeezes between a car seat and the console to catch sunglasses, phones, coins and even french fries.

Scott Boilen says he is also currently hunting for a new product that will help to keep a woman’s handbag in place as she drives. “Anything that can make the travel experience more enjoyable or more efficient is a good market opportunity for us,” says Scott Boilen.

Read more about American’s life on the road, and the vehicles and products that help us to live this life effectively, at http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-family-muscle-car-is-tricked-out-like-a-living-room-1423692024

Scott Boilen Discusses Hot Jewels

scott-boilen-hot-jewelsHot Jewels™ Metallic Temporary Tattoos are the latest introduction to the Hot Looks™ family and, as stated in a recent press release, they’re the “the hottest trend to hit the runway in years…”

Hot Jewels can create limitless combinations of brilliant, metallic body jewelry that you can use to adorn and accessorize. Each set includes anywhere from 40 – 80 lustrous temporary tattoos that let you sparkle and shine. You can use them to create the perfect look for vacations or any special occasion. Or you can simple wear them during any busy day around town. Application is simple! Just apply, wet, and set for up to six days of sparkle. They are available in four collections:

  • Peace & Love: Stars, Hearts, and Peace Signs
  • Feather: Arrows and Feathers Invoke a Free-Spirit Vibe
  • Tribal: Geometric Patterns for an Exotic Look
  • Classic: Mimic Your Favorite Jewelry Pieces with Chain Links and Bands

“Hot Jewels takes the temporary tattoo trend to a new place that’s glamorous, practical and accessible to everyone,” Scott Boilen says. “With trendy designs and amazing quality at a great price, temporary metallic tattoos are about to become hotter than ever.”

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The Amazing, New Bacon Bowl Ad

There’s something a bit familiar about the recent Perfect Bacon Bowl commercial, a certain through-back sound reminiscent of a well-known rock band. According to Des Bieler (of the Washington Post) a lot of people took notice and he found the Bacon Bowl ad “amazing!”

“Many folks were just minding their own business on Saturday, trying to watch some college football,” begins Beiler “when this ad interrupted their lives. And not in a bad way at all.” The ad was a new Perfect Bacon Bowl commercial (see below) and the ears of many viewers perked up at the sound.


“It sounds for all the world like mid-70s Queen, complete with Freddie Mercury. I mean, that is uncanny,” Beiler declares. The creator of the jingle, Rick Altizer, actually asked a frontman for a Queen cover band, Queen Extravaganza, to sing the Perfect Bacon Bowl jingle. It’s an “homage to an iconic band” Beiler says.

The ad caused a lot of social media buzz. Many people declared their appreciation of the commercial, and the Perfect Bacon Bowl!


Allstar Products Group CEO, Scott Boilen, shares their enthusiasm. “Perfect Bacon Bowl is a textbook case of the right product coming along at just the right time,” Scott Boilen says in a recent Bacon Bowl press release. “What’s so terrific is the feedback we get from people who buy, and consistently tell us how it surpassed their expectations for performance and ease of use.”

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Scott Boilen Discusses the Power of Humor

In a Yahoo Finance segment analyzing the reasons behind Allstar’s successful Snuggie product line, Scott Boilen discusses the marketing power of humor.

scott-boilen-snuggie-yahoo-finance“Sometimes you need to be a little bit of joke” CEO Scott Boilen tells Yahoo Finance reporter Lauren Lyster. “You need to stop people as they’re in their viewing habits so they say ‘that’s pretty funny.’”

“So you kinda are in on the joke?” Lyster asks. “Absolutely,” Scott Boilen responds.

Scott Boilen goes to discuss how the Snuggies has revolutionized the way As Seen on TV products are sold in retail stores. “I think Snuggie, and a few other products around that time frame, the velocity that they moved at retail got us from the back of the store to the front of the store.”

Watch the full Yahoo interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX3UtT0jM7w

Scott Boilen, Allstar Products Group and the Bacon Boom

scott-boilen-marketplace-bacon-bowlIn a recent Market Watch article, Charles Passy discusses bacon sales, the “bacon boom” and Allstar’s popular Bacon Bowl. Allstar CEO, Scott Boilen, says he reflected on the boom of sales occurring with bacon and consider the crowded bacon marketplace before introducing the Bacon Bowl – a simple device that runs strips of bacon into an edible shell.

Scott Boilen decided he couldn’t resist the invention and in late 2013 Allstar Products Group launched a series of Bacon Bowl infomercials. “In a brief period, Scott Boilen’s New York-based company has sold more than two million units of the $10.99 bacon cooker, making the Bowl a success story potentially on par with the Snuggie, to name Boilen’s biggest “As Seen on TV” hit.

“Never underestimate the power of bacon,” Scott Boilen states. “It’s almost become a cult-like food.”

Read the full MarketWatch article at http://www.marketwatch.com/story/bacon-sales-sizzle-to-all-time-high-2014-02-11

Scott Boilen on Marketing a Brand New Product

In an Inc.com article entitled “How to Market a Brand New Product” Drew Gannon explores the phases one can take to turn an unknown name and product into a consumer success and Allstar Products Group CEO, Scott Boilen, offers a number of insights.

“With tens of thousands of inventions conceived each year, turning an innovative new product into a consumer staple isn’t easy” Gannon reports. “It requires creativity, ingenuity, and persistence to break into a market and convince consumers they need something that never existed before.” The Snuggie blanket is a perfect example of how to turn an invention into a success.


When Snuggie commercials launched in late 2008 the response by consumers was often sheer laugher. “[B]y the time the ad showed an entire snuggie-clad family cheering at a sporting event, some viewers were too busy laughing to pick up the phone” Gannon recalls. But Scott Boilen and Allstar Products Group had a solid marketing plan and they watched as four million Snuggies were sold in four months.

“Within months of its introduction, the Snuggie transformed from a virtually unknown product into a pop culture phenomenon, appearing on The Today Show, referenced on hit TV comedy 30 Rock, and featured in the tabloids. Hundreds of Facebook groups and YouTube parodies spread awareness and boosted sales.

“Once we got people talking, it turned into a great product,” says Scott Boilen. “It was almost like why wouldn’t a blanket have sleeves?”

A key phase in marketing a new product is designing a campaign with built-in motivation. “Allstar Products intentionally gave its product a quirky name and an over-the-top commercial to promote fun and fashion” says Gannon. “But, the Snuggie still upheld Allstar’s core purpose: problem solving.”

“We’re a problem-solution company,” says Scott Boilen. “We show a problem to a consumer and give them an excellent way to solve it at a good price.” Scott Boilen and Allstar’s problem-solving method considers daily activities and enhances them with the introduction of a new idea.

After Gannon’s review of ways one can focus on the descriptors in their marketing of a new product and the ways can prove to consumers that the product works, Gannon considers his final stage: how to “personalize it.”

“Since introducing its three original colors in 2008, the Snuggie has relied on its consumers…to create the next generation of Snuggies” Gannon notes.

“They’re giving longevity to our brand,” says Scott Boilen. “With any product, make sure you’re connecting with your customer, make sure you’re communicating with them, and make sure you’re partnering with them to build your brand for the future.”

Read the full article from Inc.com at http://www.inc.com/guides/201106/marketing-a-brand-new-product.html